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Fresher’s Week for the HSP

Well done! Your hard work has got you a place at University!

Fresher’s week sounds great, meet new people, lots of partying, freedom to make your own choices, people have told you it’s the best time ever!

So as a HSP how can you enjoy it without becoming too overwhelmed?

List the aspects of fresher’s that you are looking forward to and make a list of possible concerns. Such as:

New Environment

Social Pressure




Here are some suggestions:

New Environment: get your bearings. Walk around the campus during the first week; make a little map for yourself. If you are in a city find the bus routes. The more familiar you get with your surroundings the less anxious you feel. Now this is the important part! Find a quiet place for yourself on the campus either a bench under a tree or a small coffee bar or a corner in one of the restaurants. Somewhere that you can go to for some peace and quiet.

Social Pressure: Making friends everyone wants to make friends, but the reality is that all you need is 2 or 3 people to hangout and party with during freshers. You will make friends later so don’t put pressure on yourself.

Try not to feel self-conscious, each individual is only interested in how they are looking and presenting themselves. It’s new for everyone

Party: There is loads of pressure to party and go to clubs. You need to pace yourself. HSP can be sensitive to alcohol so know your limit and don’t cross it! Drinking games and shots are particular an issue as you want to ‘fit in’ so you cross your line. You may find that you feel the affects sooner than others. Nobody can make you drink! You can take the glass and put it down somewhere, you can say you don’t drink (many students don’t). Be creative and don’t drink if you don’t want to.

Hangover: drinks lots of water and stay in bed till you feel better.

You will need downtime and don’t need to go to every party. Some HSP’s suffer with FOMO (fear of missing out). If you go out every night you will get exhausted and then miss out as your tired.

Halls: Great having your own room eh! But can be noisy, dirty kitchen and did I say noisy!! Every HSP should carry headphones. Get an audio book or music to distract you and ensure you sleep. Get a rota for the Kitchen cleaning, as it will stop you having healthy meals if you feel the kitchen smells.

Health: Fresher’s flu, yes its real. Prepare get tissues and go to bed. If worried see the doctor its good to register with the Campus Doctor this is an opportunity to meet them.

Preparation is key for HSP so any other issues on your list do some work to organise as many aspects as possible.

Be yourself don’t try and be anything but your unique self.

Join societies not the ones you think you ‘should’ but the societies that inspire you, make sure at least one is creative.

Why not start a HSP society then tell me all about it.

This is your experience forget the “should” do what feels good and trust that powerful instinct you have. Have fun!

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