For the HSP especially as a child there is a fine line between excitement and anxiety. For instance, they may be very excited about being invited to a birthday party. This excitement can then be overwhelming to the point they become ill beforehand and have to cancel. Alternatively, they find the ‘entertainer’ frightening or they try and hide from the noise and party chaos.

It is possible to be unaware that the child is overwhelmed with emotion as they may not know how to express themselves and may appear quiet and withdrawn, resulting in feelings of disappointment and isolation. It is difficult at a young age to maintain a divide between external and internal influences resulting in becoming over stimulated.


Most children go through a period of asking ‘why’ around the age of two or three years of age such as, ‘why do I need to brush my teeth?’, ‘why is the moon in the sky?’ or ‘what happens when you die?’. With the HS child it is the depth of their question that is surprising. The difference is that the HS child thinks deeply about the world, life, death and spirituality. Later at school age they may be told they ‘read too much into things” or “are too intense” or “need to stop asking questions”.



HSP adults seek deep and long-lasting friendships with one or two people.

They may have many friends, but the level of connection will often be more

superficial. The HSP will work hard at friendships and be an empathic, loyal

friend to others. However, they will be disappointed at the level of trust and

loyalty they are given in return. Indeed, the HSP has a high benchmark on

friendships or those that they let into their inner circle.


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