To facilitate work commitments, family and childcare responsibilities, a variety of options are offered;


  • Once weekly hourly session

  • Once weekly 90 minute session

  • Weekend Retreat



The Couple Therapy Retreat Course is for couples who are looking for a solution focussed, intensive approach to relationship counselling. This is a 2 day retreat which is conducted over a weekend. It enables couples time and attention on their relationship.  
The Retreat will aim to identify the roots of your problem, explore your options together and can help you gain insights and clarity into your personal situation. Hopefully, providing a plan for the future. 


An example Retreat Timetable is shown below.  This is flexable, as agreed between couple and counsellor.



















St Albans has a wealth of heritage, parks, shopping and other attractions.  It has fabulous award winning hotels and bed and breakfasts. Also a  variety of restaurants and cafes.  Please see Links page for further details.
Time will be dedicated to allow you time to take advantage of the facilities within St Albans and allow time to pursue leisure opportunities together.
Help2Talk will provide soft drinks and tea or coffee.  Other facilities such as meals and overnight accommodation will be the responsibility of the couple.





The Documents below are for Couples and can be used to provide yourselves with supplementary information, in order that you can make the best decision or choices regarding help for yourselves. 
It should not be seen as a replacement to professional therapy.
To download an online copy of a document, please click on the links below.  This is in a PDF file format.   You may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the documents.


Couple Counselling
Does the following describe your relationship?


  • You and your partner seem to be drifting apart.

  • You are considering ending the relationship but don't know how to. 

  • You feel stuck in your relationship and can’t seem to move forward.

  • You or your partner feel neglected or have withdrawn from the relationship.

  • You no longer feel wanted.

  • You keep having the same arguments over and over.

  • You don’t feel listened to.

  • You feel sexually rejected.

  • You or your partner have had or are having an affair.


Following the outbreak of COVID-19, all new business will be conducted via Skype or Facetime.

Please get in contact for details.

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